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    Katrin Willuhn

      I really never met a more poor customer support all in my life. Before getting a complete useless answer you have to wait days long for. And for the next – I hope not so useless – answer I’m waiting again! What’s this for a support? That’s nothing but throwing money for a plugin and a support that both do not work! I know this forum can be reviewed only by members. But be sure – there’s a public – and I’ll start to use it a way it will really hurt you in your “taking but not giving pride”. In me you have found the right player for such a game (-;

      You might better refund me before I start playing the game. Itmight could save you a lot of future customers!


        How nice. You are using some kind of non-standard importing system that inserts posts against all WordPress rules and guidelines. Since our plugin works with WordPress and does not aware of your importer it does not see such posts.

        That was explained to you. Plugin works exactly as described – it posts everything that comes though WordPress. We can’t support each non-standard importer.


          If you really think, that the fact that plugin is not compatible with your non-standard importer is our fault and you deserve a refund based on that fact, please uninstall the plugin and let me know when it’s uninstalled. I will refund your order, but key will be deactivated after the refund and it might completely mess up your site if you still have plugin installed

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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