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    Antonio Corrado

      Whenever you want to correct some settings for any account, the service DeviantArt will automatically be added as account set without being’ve added


        Most probably your browser is doing that. Please clear it’s “Saved Forms” data or try another browser.


          I’m getting the exact same thing – in every browser I’ve tried. I even downloaded a completetly new browser and that was my first operation in it. Update settings > Bang! DeviantART is added as an account. OK it’s not a major fault in what is a very good plugin but it is annoying.

          Josh Rowland

            This is happening for me too, except that it’s Blogger that keeps showing up whenever I save my settings. I think that it is something browser related because for me, other browsers don’t do it and it doesn’t happen in incognito mode, but clearing cookies and form data doesn’t help. I agree that it shouldn’t be the highest priority to fix, but it is annoying.


              I have exactly same problem.

              Everytime I save settings for e.g. Facebook account, it adds automatically DeviantArt account which I completely don’t use. I don’t understand why it would come from my browser as I don’t use that DeviantArt service at all?
              And this happens on all website that I manager for my clients with SNAP installed, so it is a general bug for sure!

              It’s happening in all browsers (I’ve tried Chrome, FireFox, Safari, opera)



                Exaclty the samehere – Deviantart account appears every time Im trying to configure Facebook account.


                  I am having the same issue with deviantART auto adding anytime I press the “Update Settings” button for a service or for an overall update. I tried clearing the browser cache along with “Saved Form Data”.


                    Please see changelog for version 3.4.22 and update the plugin.

                    Jesús Ángel

                      That version has fixed the problem for me.

                      Thank you.

                    Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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