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      this is just an FYI about a plugin that breaks SNAP scheduling. For a client, I was using the “Duplicate Post” plugin. On the Posts page, the client could duplicate a previous post by clicking “clone” or “new draft” under a post title.

      I installed the SNAP plugin and setup all the client’s social media sites. The client’s usual process is to click on “New Draft” under a previous post and the “Edit Post” page opens with everything already filled out from the previous post. All the client has to do is paste over only what they want changed (this was a client request).

      The client wanted to schedule their social media posts through the WordPress Admin so I setup SNAP and started testing it. I went through the same post process as the client by clicking on “New Draft” to duplicate a post and open up the “Edit Post” page.

      I tested posting immediately for all the client’s social media sites and everything worked fine. However, when I tried to schedule the post, it wouldn’t work. After looking at the log files, it kept mentioning “duplicate post” which led me to the NextScript link about wp-cron.

      I figured I could set that up, but I decided to try a few more tests first. I decided to create a new post the standard way by clicking the “Add New” button on the top of the “Posts” page. I created a new post from scratch, scheduled, and it worked. I tried the “New Draft” link (from the “Duplicate Post” plugin) again, and it didn’t work like the first time.

      So, in case anyone else is having issues with the SNAP post scheduling, it might be caused by the “Duplicate Post” plugin or a similar plugin.


        Please see the answer in the FAQ – #1.3:

        Support FAQ

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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