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      My blog post won’t autopost to Facebook today. I can’t manually push it over, either. I keep getting this error:
      ERROR=- Array ( [Warning] => [Error] => (#32) Page request limited reached )

      Can’t see that error mentioned anywhere? Anybody familiar with this?


        The message is pretty self explanatory. You are posting too much, you reached the limit.

        Alessandro Daniele

          This answer is not exactly acceptable, IMHO

          I have the same error on a poster that publish 40 post day and I have no issue with a second poster that publish over 1200 post day.

          What is this limit that u’re talking about? If u’re publishing too much in FB the error would be that “U have abused too much of this function”.

          Where can be found a documentation on FB about this “limit”?




            Page-Level Rate Limiting

            These limits apply to calls made using a page access token. Your app will receive error code 32 if you hit these limits.

            The blog post at provides a detailed explanation of page level rate limiting.

            and here:

            Viktor Leberecht


              I´m suddenly getting this error message #32

              The strange thing is that I´m only posting about one to two post per day, and in the app dashboard page on Facebook it tells me that i have not had enough posts to reacapph the app limits.

              Happens only with this one app, other facebook apps i use on the same wordpress blog in nextscripts work fine.

              I already tried setting up the account for that facebook in nextscripts again, but same result.

              Should i simply delete the old facebook app and do a new one or is this something you have to look into?

              Do you have any other suggestions?

              Kind regards, Viktor

            Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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