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    Vincent Bouffard


      Since today, my website is not accessible.

      After rename “nxs-snap-pro-upgrade” folder to “nxs-snap-pro-upgrade.old” I can access on the admin and in the log i found this :

      – [SYSTEM NOTICE] [A] – –==## API UPDATED SUCCESSFULLY ##==– (REQ: Array ( [method] => POST [timeout] => 30 [blocking] => 1 [headers] => Array ( ) [body] => Array ( [lk] => a56329255af87c34242f9f688bd735da [ukver] => 2.24.8 [ID:2415] [ud] => ) ) |Array ( [headers] => Array ( [date] => Wed, 09 Nov 2016 22:12:00 GMT [server] => Apache/2.4.23 (cPanel) OpenSSL/1.0.1e-fips mod_bwlimited/1.4 [nxs-vc] => 2.24.8 [nxs-vs] => 2.24.11 [nxs-ver] => 2.24.11 [ID:2415] [nxs-date] => 2016-11-09 [nxs-time] => 22:12:00 [x-powered-by] => 2.24.11 [ID:2415] [set-cookie] => spammer_blocker=not_a_spammer; expires=Fri, 09-Dec-2016 22:12:00 GMT; Max-Age=2592000 [etag] => nxs [transfer-encoding] => chunked [content-type] => text/html; charset=UTF-8 ) [response] => Array ( [code] => 200 [message] => OK ) [cookies] => Array ( [0] => nxs_Http_Cookie Object ( [name] => spammer_blocker [value] => not_a_spammer [expires] => 1481321520 [path] => [domain] => [max-age] => 2592000 ) ) ) ) ==–

      Since this update, it’s always broken.
      If I upload manually the file from “My Page”, same problem.

      Can you help me plz ?

      Wordpress 4.6.1 (FR)
      Plugin Version: 3.7.5
      PHP Version: 7.0.12-1~dotdeb+8.1; Memory limit: 512 MByte; Memory usage: 13.16 MByte; Memory peak usage: 13.79 MByte;

      Thx for your help


        your not alone I made a ticket about it an hour ago


          We have several sites with PHP7, but we can’t replicate this issue there.

          If someone is willing to provide us the environment to check it, please open a ticket here – we will check it ASAP.

          We will need WP admin and FTP access.


            I have the same problem, however, but when I delete the file nxs-snap-pro-upgrade.php the site works

            luis torres

              Same problem here,

              Website blank page when nxs-snap-pro-upgrade is activated, only removing it from the cpanel file manager makes the site work again.
              Besides, if you install nxs-snap-pro-upgrade first and then the main plugin, it triggers a “this plugin could not be activated – fatal error”.


                Same problem here, please take a look soon!


                  luis torres


                    All working again, thank you Next Scripts team.


                      Hi, fixed here too.

                      But im very worried about this situation… automatic API updates could be a possible site down source. How can I deactivate automatic API updates and receive a email or similar warning to update API manually so I can supervise it?.


                      Paul Freeman

                        I had a white screen rather than 500 error after upgrade.

                        Move plugin dir for SNAP to temp dir, site comes back to life.

                        Implemented the fix above and put the snap plugin directory back – white screen again.

                        Anyone got any other suggestions?

                        Equally worried about API auto updates if this can happen – if I do a manual update and it goes down immediately I have some idea what the cause was. If you update when I don’t know about it, then site can be down for hours or days (in this case about 21 hours) before I find out, and then I have no idea what the cause is and it takes far longer to narrow it down and fix it.

                        Paul Freeman

                          I was not able to follow the instructions in the post exactly, but did something close and was able to fix it.

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