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      ERROR=- Array ( [Warning] => [Error] => It looks like one of the devices where you’re logged into Facebook is being affected by harmful software called malware. To protect your account, you’re temporarily blocked from using Facebook as usual. If you can, please remove the malware from the affected device now—we’ll help by giving instructions when you open Facebook on that device. This block will be active for 2 days more

      I don´t know witch device is it, i have only one computer logged in to this account …

      Any Help?


        I really wish someone had responded to this, I have the exact same error and can find no response from SNAP support anywhere about what this is being caused by.


          Same error here…
          FB works fine with Browser, trying to post via “Next Scripts: Social Networks Auto Poster Options” failed with this message..

          PC ist not infected ! No maleware, …

          This happend after last update of wordpress and plugins ;(

          Please help

          best regards


            Same error and plugin does not work




                Nessuno risponde. Come si può pensare di prendere il plugin PRO?

                Tim Hosking

                  Yep. This just started happening to me too. It’s a show stopper. It allows me to submit a test post but not a live article.


                    This has nothing to do with SNAP. Your account triggered some internal Facebook spam prevention mechanism. Check your computers and devices, try to create, setup and authorize new app. Contact Facebook directly it it does’t help.

                  Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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