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    I been using SNAP for about a decade now. Some highs some lows, but always reliable.

    I’m running several sites and found that since upgraded to WP6 every time I need to edit an article, I just can’t. I have to disable SNAP and SNAP Pro to edit or set it as a draft via quick edit.

    Also figured that Instagram is not working no matter the method I used to configure it.

    But maybe the main question is:

    Is there any support available? I submited a ticket last week and no one has answered yet.


      What exactly happens when you edit an article? Any errors? What is going wrong?


      Support Ticket: #129398


      Hi there.

      It does not allow to be fully loaded the editor. Unless I deactivate the pluggin.

      The images shows the error caught with Query Monitor.


        ok. This is not WordPress 6 problem. This is PHP 8 problem. It will be fixed in the next release.


        Thank you. But point is, if you need to edit for some reason and then to repost, that´s impossible to do unless you reset. Unless you create a new post and redirect the previous one.

        When are you estimating to make available your next release?


          Please update your plugin to the latest version 4.3.27. This problem has been fixed there.


          Installed new update – now i even can’t post to facebook anymore

          `ERROR FB #7 (POST|g|A):ERROR FB #5 (hql = ComposerStoryCreateMutation):Array


          Installed update. Can edit any post now. Thank you.

          But now I can’t post to twitter…


          Correction. It’s not auto posting anywhere.

          Every single post needs to be manually pushed.



          A workaround was to set a reposter that search for the posts not sent to social media between the last 12 hours and 30 minutes, then post to the selected Social Media accounts about every one minute.

          Worked. It found 44 posts and started working except for Twitter that hangs doing nothing so I deselected.


            Please update your plugin to the latest version 4.3.29. It should fix the Twitter issues.

          Viewing 12 posts - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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