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    Ian R

      I am auto-publishing posts to a fairly new Facebook Fan Page. The page is very local specific and has 320 or so fans two weeks since opening (likes obtained using Facebook Boost Page not some spammy Fiverr gig – if it makes a difference). I am posting using the Plugin Pro version and I can see the post appear in the page as Admin. If I log in using any other account and go to visit the page I cannot see any of the posts at all that came to the page via the auto-post no matter whether the profile I am using (family member profiles) has liked the page, selected Get Notifications or whatever. The posts are just invisible. If I manually post using the page itself then the post appears in the other profiles. Why?

      What is the point of posting to a Facebook page if no-one sees the posts even if they visit the page?

      Also I wonder if anyone is experiencing difficulty with the support system on this site. I am not getting any response to tickets and often the tickets have no numbers just #######. Tried emailing support but that has met with no response too. Is it just me?


        The answer is in the FAQ – #4.5:

        Support FAQ

        Ian R

          So there you have it – I WAS doing something stupid. Could have sworn I’d set that but thanks for showing me the light.

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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