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      I am trying to set up my “app” in Facebook, and suddenly there are more requirements before you “submit” the app. It will not allow me to submit until I fill in all the info they want, specifically:

      Currently Ineligible for Submission
      Your submission is missing data in the following fields:

      Detailed Description
      Privacy Policy URL
      User Support Email or User Support URL
      Image: Web Banner
      Image: Cover Image
      Image: App Icon
      Image: Banner

      Your submission contains the following errors:

      You must choose at least one platform to be displayed

      Also want notes on “publish_actions” and “manage_pages”. There is no way to deselect these items.

      I’ve set this up in Facebook several times and have never been required to include all this info.

      Maybe Facebook changed something? Or could I have checked something somewhere I should not have?


        So I made it public, and it says it is public, but I still have red warning triangles next to “Status & Review” and “App Details”.

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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