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      Hello. Tried reposting from WordPress via Facebook Premium API from different users:
      1. The user was registered in the FB a week ago. With a confirmed phone number, completed profile, subscribed to different groups. The first post – worked, during the second post – got a ban. In the settings for connecting to Facebook, I used a username / password

      2. A user with an active completed profile, correspondence, group subscriptions, posts and reposts. In the settings for connecting to the FB, I used userid and sessions. The situation repeated itself: the first post was posted, but during the second post, the account was blocked by Facebook again.

      Anyone, pls tell me, how can I avoid blocking users by Facebook?
      Maybe there are some account requirements for reposting?


        I have same problem… any news?


          Still the same, open ticket from nov2020. Also pinterest account give me Login Problem – ERROR -04-: 429 error. No siupport, nothing!


            1. Please see the answer in the FAQ – #2.24: https://www.nextscripts.com/support-faq/#a24

            All our scripts are installed on your server and your server makes posts to your networks directly. When you make a post your server logins to your account on your behalf and makes a post. The location that Facebook is asking you to confirm is a location of your server.

            The further your sever from your home the more suspicious Facebook about that login. Please confirm that it was you. It might take several times and then Facebook will stop asking. Basically Facebook needs to mark your server IP as your “usual login” location. Once that happens, Facebook will stop with “suspicious activity” alerts.

            2. We are working on Pinterest “429” error.

          Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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