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    Rich Heimlich

    I’m trying to get a look close to what Publicize created and can’t quite get it right. I’d like to get a thumbnail (and not a HUGE image) so my first choice of “Image Post” wasn’t right. I then tried, “Text Post with “attached” link” and “Attach your blogpost” and AUTO selected.

    That came close but where I expected Excerpt info to appear, instead it showed this:

    var hupso_services_t=new Array(“Twitter”,”Facebook”,”Google Plus”,”Pinterest”,”Linkedin”,”StumbleUpon”,”Digg”,”Reddit”,”Bebo”,”Delicious”,”Email”,”Print”);var hupso_background_t=”#EAF4FF”;var

    How can I just get my excerpt to appear there?


    Rich Heimlich

    FYI, Hupso provides share buttons at the bottom of our site’s posts. Hupso Share.


    The answer is in the FAQ – #4.11:

    Support FAQ

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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