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      Thanks for the great plugin, but I have a question. When I use the Text Post with “attached” link option, particularly the “Share a link to your blogpost” link attachment type, everything works well in posting to facebook, but I’m confused about the image size. On the Newsfeed, the image thumbnail is 90×90 pixels in size and 116×116 pixels in size on my Timeline. My question is why isn’t the Newsfeed image in the larger format facebook introduced in September, mentioned in this link:

      Facebook Link Thumbnail Image Dimensions [Reference]

      The link mentions “If the thumbnail image isn’t at least 400×209 pixels, Facebook will resize it to 154×154 or 90×90”, so is that what’s happening? I know when I copy and paste the link directly into my Newsfeed or use the “Facebook This” bookmarklet, the links posts to facebook with the very large image previews mentioned above. Is there a way to get these very large images with the plugin? Thanks.

    Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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