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    fred w

      we keep getting an error, after trying to post to FB that looks a lot like the IPV6 problem in troubleshooting FAQ 4.10. Support tells me “you need ipv6”. Well the posting worked fine for weeks, then it started failing, intermittently. I’m able to ping FB address via my server, so i’m not sure what’s wrong and i can’t get anyone to tell me specifically what to do.

      I was told “You don’t have to use IPv6, but you either need to have it or you need to specify that you want to use IPv4. Right now your server set to use IPv6, but doesn’t have it configured. ”

      haven’t been able to find out is “my server” means. Is it a setting on the plugin, or that I need an IPV6 address or if there is a setting in FB app, etc. So i really have no idea what’s going on. The people i know who write FB apps and are pretty good linux admins, don’t really get what that means either.’

      help! anyone know what to do?


        It’s not the plugin, wordpress or anything else you can do. You need to contact your hosting provider and ask them to fix this connection problem.

        Fred a

          You keep saying that, but it never had th error in the many weeks we used it. Meanwhile some FB posts are successful . If there is an ipv problem, Why aren’t all posts failing ? How is it randomly configured correctly . How come my other site on the same server still posting correctly?


            Again. You did NOTHING wrong. You can’t cause this problem, and you can’t fix this problem. Your hoster broke your server, you need to ask him to fix it.

            Some technical details, that you can use to understand it better.

            Plugin calls the php function from the php libcurl library and asks that function to connect to facebook.com
            php libcurl passes that request to the Linux system library called cURL
            cURL tries to connect to facebook.com using some Linux core libraries for http and tcp/ip

            Somewhere between cURL and Linux core libraries call to facebook.com goes to the DNS resolver and asks it for the IP of the facebook.com. DNS resolver should return the IP that could be used for the actual connect. On your server DNS resolver returns IPv6, but either cURL or Linux core libraries are not configured to use IPv6

            You need to contact your hosting provider and either configure cURL and/or Linux core libraries to work with IPv6 or reconfigure DNS resolver to return IPv4.

            You never had it before, because your server wasn’t broken before. Somebody messed it up.

          Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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