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      Good morning,

      I red in the faq’s this:

      2.14. What is “Let Facebook fill the link info”?
      What is this new option “Let Facebook fill the link info”? Why Facebook is showing the wrong image if it’s checked?

      Staring from SNAP version 3 Facebook settings have a new option “Let Facebook fill the link info”.

      If this option is selected it’s basically means that plugin just does NOTHING. It just tells the the Facebook – “Here is the URL to share – do whatever you like with it”. There is noting else. Nothing could be broken, nothing for us to fix. Whatever happens on Facebook pages and how it’s shown there is totally up to Facebook. SNAP plugin just not involved at all.

      But that check box doesnt appear in my plugin…?
      Thansk for the help

      jefferis peterson

        This is related. I have not tried SNAP for Facebook yet. What we are finding is that Facebook is blocking all shares of posts IF you have a link in the post summary comment at the top of the post from your WP page. So, if you have the title and a short link above the box that encloses the picture and article from the link, FB prevents it from going viral.

        Does this “option” apply to this situation or fix it? Basically FB is making automatic updating relatively painful, in that you have to go into each post on FB and delete the short link


          Installed the lateste update of SNAP 3.4.18 and still no “Let Facebook fill the link info” option available…


            It doesn’t say that anymore. It says this:

            What should fill attachment info:

            Set Your Own

            Just check Facebook


              Thanks for the answer.
              But I let it autopost, the result is something like this:

              while ig I manually post to Facebook, the result is the one I want, like thsi:

            Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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