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      If anyone could shed any light on this for me it would be great.

      So on our site we have multiple users who post, we don’t however want them to see the options section for this plugin in the ‘create a new post’.

      Currently, under Settings -> SNAP -> Other Settings -> “Who can see auto-posting options on the “New Post” pages?” – only the admin is ticked, we have not ticked the others as when we do it shows the meta box in the ‘create a new post’ section.

      The problem is that no new posts are being posted to Facebook (page) or twitter? In the logs it shows;

      [2013-01-17 16:25:54] – [Start =- ] – ——=========#### NEW AUTO-POST REQUEST PostID:(1680) Scheduled +3 ####=========——
      [2013-01-17 16:20:45] – [Scheduled – Twitter (randomname) post] – – Post ID:(1673)
      [2013-01-17 16:20:45] – [Scheduled – Facebook (randomname1 post] – – Post ID:(1673)

      Is there a time delay or something on the posts? I’ve left it for over 24 hours and still not had a post yet… Can anyone help in anyway?

      It still works of course if the admin manually goes in and forces the post to wall and timeline, but that defeats the purpose of this plugin.



        Sharing some more information on this matter;

        I’ve installed a plugin called Core Control to see exactly what cron jobs are being executed.

        This is what I get;

        Once Off | 2013-01-22 / 23:46:42 -0 | ns_doPublishToTW | Hooked functions: nxs_doPublishToTW() | 1782, Array | Cancel Task | Run Now

        I get two for the same post id, one for TW(itter) and one for FB(facebook).

        The option is ticked for the user groups in question, If I select publish immdiatley this also works, but I would rather it be delayed?

        My theme has custom post types, so instead of posting standard posts, it posts videos.

        Theme is deTube, https://demo.dedepress.com/detube/#

        Please help.




          WP Cron is broken on your site.
          Please update to the version 2.7, it has some workarounds for such situations.

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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