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    The repost on “date” is not so useful. More useful would be the functionality to add the possibility for date selection to the reposter instead of days to repost on. That would work for single posts as well as if we wanted to schedule sharing campaigns – like “post all posts tagged with “children” on Children’s day with an interval of 2 hours”. Or posts tagged with “promo” on 12th, tagged with launch on 13th and promotional discounts on 14th, etc. Right now, this is not possible or I have not understood how to do it. If days of the week are used to do this, it can’t be planned more than a week in advance, and someone has to remember to turn it off or the posts will be repeated after a week and create a mess.

    Also useful would be the possibility to overrule the default sharing format or append to it in a reposter. For example, if I’m posting all posts tagged with “children” on Children’s day, I’d like to be able to add the tag #ChildrensDay to that reposter, which should not be present in other times the post gets shared (other days, or causes, etc) Or even a setting to override the configured content altogether like “This Christmas day we bring you {joy|fun|happiness} – %URL%” etc

    Adding these features will allow proper planning of campaigns instead of just general reposting or having to babysit automated reposting anyway. An ideal scenario would be the ability to add posts to a reposter and schedule them to appear as planned well in advance, so that the more crucial things that must be done personally can be attended closer to the date. Say setting up a reposter today for a book launch campaign in March that begins in March and runs for 5 days as planned.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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