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      Any plans to integrate SNAP with Flickr?


        We have some thoughts about it, just not sure how should it be. Do you have any suggestions?


          My overall goal is two-fold.

          1) Blog posts are automatically posted to Facebook. This is done. Found your plugin and it works well.

          2) When I create a new set on Flickr, I use the Flickr button to share via WordPress. It makes a nice post on my WordPress blog. Then your plugin grabs that post and shares via Facebook by putting the Flickr images into a new Facebook album of the same name.

          Right now the auto posts from Flickr into WordPress look terrible when posted to Facebook. Sometimes it pulls a thumbnail from the footer instead of the post. And it only put a tiny thumbnail instead of the complete photo set into the post.

          One alternative is to have a filter in your plugin to not post any of the Flickr > WP posts to facebook. That way I can post directly from Flickr to Facebook and avoid wordpress. I don’t want double posts on facebook.

          Any advice to how to make this happen would be very helpful.

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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