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    Shasta Live Sound

      Hi – I am a new user of your great app and have a fundamental question what exactly gets posted to a Facebook “fan page”.

      I configured nextscripts post type to be “Text Post with Attached Link” and then specify the Link Attachment type as “Attach your blog post”.

      I thought I would get the entire contents of an individual blog post when it is posted over to Facebook. It shows up on my facebook fan page alright, but it is just a picture from the blog and the title of the blog post. It all looks good, I just want all the text I wrote on the blog page to come over and all the pictures on that page, too.

      Do I have something wrong with my setup or is it not possible to get everything from the blog page to post into facebook.

      TIA for any help.

    Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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