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      We’re using snapApi to publish posts on Google+ pages. It worked quite well for some days, but now, for one account, we seem to have reached the 2000 limit for the photos.

      However, we can still publish photos manually. And actually, the photo albums of our pages have but 40 photos on average. The problem is that we have 50 pages linked to the same account (and 40*50 = 2000).

      Is there a way to connect so that it takes into account the number of photos separately for each page ? That limit makes sense for one page, why does your script reunite all these different albums as one ?

      We have some account with even more than 50 linked pages (up to a few hundreds) and we planned on eventually using your script to publish on those too, but that would mean that every few days, we have to manually delete a few posts on every page. Not cool….


    Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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