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    Kevin Logan

      Had trouble with getting Pinterest working. My configuration is/was correct, because the TEST post in SNAP setup (with the whatever kind of animal that is photo) worked fine.
      But whenever I tried to SNAP-POST from my post, I got errors saying they thought it was spam. SO:
      1) I changed SNAP configuration for Pinterest to NO CLICKTHROUGH URL. Only difference I see is that my Domain Name is not there,, instead it says “Pinned from Uploaded by user”,,, OK with me I guess 🙂
      2) can not use %SURL% in message
      3) CAN use %URL% in message, and Pinterest truncates it visually (showing my domain name…),,, and the link works fine,,,, SO:

      All works AOK,,, took most of the day to figure out,, but all in all, digging this plugin 🙂

    Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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