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      The developer does not seem to be contactable at all. My support ticket is unanswered after 11 days.

      However this is a different issue, well probably lack of knowledge on my part but any help is appreciated.

      I have one main website. This website covers many different areas.

      I have five facebook groups that cover different areas. Each Facebook group has a post from my website that is relevant to that groups location area.

      For example one group covers Southampton England and another Covers Portsmouth England.

      A website user would place a post on the website for Portsmouth. So manually after the post is done I then come along and manually post that new post via the plugin into the Portsmouth group. There is no way to autopost as the plugin has no way of knowing which group the website wants the ad posted into.

      However I wish to offer a repost option for the same ad to be posted into a specific group at the same time everyday for a period up to, 45 days.

      Can this be set in the plugins options. i can see random posts, old to new etc but I do not see a reposter option to post the same ad on my website into the same group at the same time every day.

      Can it be done?.

      Any help is really appreciated.


        Sounds like you need to setup filters.

        You can set filters for both autoposter and reposter.

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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