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    First, before I even ask my question — GREAT SCRIPT!

    My question — or rather the feature I would love to see is simply this — %TTAGS% — Only place #hashtags in the title if the title has Tags that match the Title. Right now, I’m posting with tags showing as hashtags — but it’s killing the title, since I have 4 or so tags per post.

    %TTAGS% simply posts the Title and hash-tags the title if FOUND as a Tag.

    Let’s say, for example, San Antonio Spurs Win NBA Title — your story may have tags such as San Antonio Spurs, Miami Heat, NBA — so the program sees the hashtags and posts the story on twitter such as —

    #SanAntonioSpurs Win #NBA Title – URL — it would simply skip the unused hashtag when posting on twitter.

    Right now, I’m getting almost all hash tags on my Twitter posts —

    For example, this is what I’m seeing when I posted my last story — the Title never made it.

    bit.ly/1l72DvG #CIA #Iraq #IslamicStateOfIraqAndTheLevant #USDepartmentOfState

    Whereas the title of the story was this —

    ISIS Occupy Saddam Hussein’s Chemical Weapons Facility

    So it would have been nice to simply hashtag #ISIS Occupy Saddam Hussein’s Chemical Weapons Facility – URL etc

    I hope I explained myself clearly,

    Thanks for the GREAT SCRIPT!


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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