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      Hi, with the latest update of your plugin appear in some wordpress pages (for example when I have to write a new article) in high right corner one a background image green leaves.
      how can I remove them?
      I do not want it to be when I write an article.


        Same problem after update to 4.0.2. version.
        It is a bug, showing this image:
        On all editor pages on the backend.
        Please, solve as soon as possible!

        Lai Zit Seng

          +1 on this. The image is really distracting and annoying. Please remove or at least provide an option to remove it. Thanks.


          +1 I don’t want this on my editing page.



          I’ve manually removed the line for the background properties on line 129 of snapp.css (below) to fix the issue for now. But please fix it – it’s also giving mixed content errors as it calls a non-https url.



          I have to agree. It’s not a bug, it’s just intrusive. No plugin should be overwhelming and presumptuous like this. It’s a cool idea for those who might appreciate it, but should be a checkbox to turn it off or something.

          Lai Zit Seng

            I had opened a ticket on this issue. It’s removed in the latest update.


              Please update to the latest version 4.0.3. This problem has been fixed there.

            Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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