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      I’m experiencing a problem that apparently is not documented.
      When I try to submit a post to a Facebook page through SNAP 3.0.6 everything seems to work fine and I receive no errors.
      The post does appear regularly on the Facebook page; the fact is that the images is not shown, only the link to the image compares.
      I guess this is a Facebook APP configurations issue but frankly I couldn’t find out how to solve the problem.
      Is there anyone who can suggest me a solution ?
      Thank you in advance for any help.


        What is the type of your post and what do you have in the “Message format” field?



          my configuration data are the following:

          Post Type: Text Post with “attached” link

          Link attachment type: Share a link to your blogpost ..

          Let Facebook fill the link info: checked

          Message text format:

          pubblicato da %AUTHORNAME% su %SITENAME%

          In fact I tried to change the configuration, using other options lilke ‘Image post’ or ‘Attach your blogpost’ but I was not able to make the image appear; the image link is always shown in its place.
          Could it be a problem of Open Graph ? My theme (that is a custom one) does not support it, as far as I know.

          Thank you,




            %IMG% is useless for Facebook. %IMG% does not add an actual image, it adds the link to the image. THis tag should be used for social networks that support HTML, so you can wrap it in tag and show the image.

            Facebook does not support HTML, so %IMG% is useless for it.

            You should use ‘Image post’ if you would like to post an image or ‘Attach/share your blogpost’

          Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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