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    Hi. Starting yesterday or today (not sure cause I’ve not posted till today) option “Make it Square: Crop – Image will be cropped to square” in Instagram is not working.

    I touched ANYTHING in the configuration, and today it started to post images in the left upper corner of the full image. The rest is black. You can see an example here:

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    Novedad en Spotify: Nuevo álbum de Michael Maas: Memoria Visita: #Album #EpicMusic #MichaelMaas #MusicaEpica #Novedad #NovedadEnSpotify #Spotify #MúsicaÉpica #EpicMusicFamily #EpicMusicWorld #TrailerMusic #cinematicmusic #spotify #novedadenspotify #music

    A post shared by Música Épica (@musicaepica_es) on

    I had to change option to “Make it Square: Extend – Image will be extended to square” but that’s not what I want. I liked it cropped, as it’s been working always.

    Can you help me, please? Thanks

    Plugin Version: 4.3.8 [Pro]
    (Multiple Users, Multiple Accounts)
    API Version: 4.4.39 [ID:22087] – MU

    Wordpress: 5.2.2

    Jam and Candy

      I am having the same issue and did not change any settings recently. I want to keep using the cropped version as well.

      Plugin Version: 4.3.8 [Pro]
      (One User, Multiple Accounts)
      API Version: 4.4.39 [ID:21718]



      i’m having the same problem here, does anyone find a solution?


        This problem has been fixed in the latest API version 4.4.40. Please go to the Help/Support page and click “[Check for API Update]”

        Jam and Candy

          It’s cropping properly again, thank you!

        Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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