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      Okay, so I’ve started using the Instagram API with my plugin and there’s a few issues.

      Firstly, everytime It auto-posts the %SURL% is always missing:

      If I post it manually, it includes it , but only as plain text. Since Instagram is an app, it seriously cripples engagement:

      Check out the new Mirror's Edge Catalyst Xbox One controller! #EA #Electronic-Arts #MirrorS-Edge-Catalyst #Mirrors-Edge #PDP #Performance-Designed-Products

      A post shared by Elite Gamer (@elitegamerie) on

      My next issue is with the square crop. Is there any way to stop it from doing this and keep its ratio? Or at the very least is there an option to change the border to black in some instances as it can look better a lot of the time.

      The last thing I’m struggling with is %HTAGS%, the only two options are to leave a space between multiple words, or add either add an underscore (_) or a dash (-). All of these options make it so only the first word in the string is “tagged”. This is the same issue with twitter and it takes a lot of time to manually add tags to posts before I publish it, it takes the same amount of time just to share it which what I wanted to avoid with this plugin.

      If there’s any solution to these issues it would be great as ive been searching for one for a while and have come up short.


        All your questions was already answered on this fourm


          Can you show me where? The only thing I can find is the new 4.0 beta update which only solves image size.

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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