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      Hello, is it bug in Nextscripts for Instagram auto post? Because today i try to using it in my wordpress site, but after i check in instagram, the post show location that is not in my country. How to disable auto show location? Because i didn’t find setting in the panel. Screenshot:

      Jam and Candy

        I am having the same issue, also Franklin Lakes, New Jersey.


          I would say it is showing your server location where your site is based. Not YOUR location.


            Please update to the latest version 4.3.5. This problem has been fixed there.


              Since update to 4.3.5 my post say they have successfully posted to Instagram when they haven’t. The success message is pasted below. As you can see, the link is a generic link and not the link to the post as it was previously when the poster did successfully post to Instagram:


              Instagram – Instagram Page.
              Post link:

              Your post has been successfully sent to Instagram


              Please contact support directly We will need to take a look at your environment.


                Support never, ever reply to me. Never have done. I have NextScripts Pro.


                  What is your ticket #?


                    I haven’t submitted a ticket this time. I assumed nobody manned the ticket system as I didn’t get responses. The last one I submitted was #NXS387808 – which I tried to get answers for 3 times. I then opened a new ticket to try to report the other one not being answered and that also went unanswered: #NXS446179


                      As soon as I mentioned my ticket number it goes quiet again 😀 … why am I being ignored?

                    Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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