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      Hi, as they don’t answer tickets, i thought maybe someone here may help.
      While posting instagram, I’m getting this error: “Your temporary folder or file (file – ) is not writable. Can’t upload image to IG”

      What do you think is the problem? It happened right after the update.


        What kind of additional information do you need?

        Please make your temporary folder writable. You won’t be able to post to Instagram and some other networks without that.

        If you don’t know what is it or how to do it, please contact your server admin or hosting provider.

        We can’t do anything about that.


          Thank you for your rude answer.

          1. I’ve checked my temporary folder for permissions or ownership problems
          2. I’ve defined another temporary file and checked if it works
          3. I’ve asked my hosting provider if there is a problem and they told me there is not problem with temp folder and my wordpress installation is using it as normal except your plugin.
          4. I’ve contacted you by creating a ticket because it happened after last update but i didn’t get an answer.
          5. I’ve created this thread.

          Hope it answers all your questions about why i’m asking you about this problem.
          Doesn’t Twitter or Facebook posting uses the same temporary folder for posting? It happens only for Instagram.



            Here are some technical details:

            PHP has built-in system function tmpfile()


            This function Creates a temporary file with a unique name in read-write (w+) mode and returns a file handle. This function asks OS for the location of the user’s temporary folder and tried to create a file there.

            After that we use another PHP function is_writable() ( That function checks if it’s possible to write something to that temporary file.

            if file is writable – all ok we proceed.
            if file is not writable – we show the error mentioned above.

            So please contact you hosting provider and ask why the temporary file created by the tmpfile() function is not writable.


              Here is the answer from Siteground:

              I have checked the case and was able to reproduce the issue but wasn’t able to resolve it. I tested the writing to the /tmp folder with the suggested tests in the article you provided and writing to a temporary file is possible as you can see from the test script:

     (i will delete this file in 3 days)

              I also tried to locate if there is an option within the plugin to set the temporary directory but didn’t find such an option. I recommend that you either reinstall the plugin or contact the plugin’s developers in order to ask them what may be causing the issue as the tmp on the server is writable and there is enough room as well.


                I am not sure what is in that tmptest.php file.

                Our code is very simple.

                < ?php $tmp=array_search('uri', array_flip(stream_get_meta_data($GLOBALS[mt_rand()]=tmpfile()))); if (!is_writable($tmp)) echo "Your temporary folder or file (file - ".$tmp.") is not writable. Can't upload images"; ?>


                  i’ve sam problem, how to find temp folder ? if i want change grant ?

                  Your temporary folder or file (file – /tmp/phpaygQTX) is not writable. Can’t upload image to IG
                  Your temporary folder or file (file – /tmp/phpaygQTX) is not writable. Can’t upload image to IG


                    Please see the answer in the FAQ – #1.15:

                    Support FAQ

                    The Wat Up Dude

                      Where is the temp file at? What is the exact path?


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