Is there a way to specify a different image for Instagram posts?

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      Love SNAP, have been using and recommending for years.

      Is there a way to use an image for Instagram posts that is NOT the featured image on the post? We create IG friendly images for those posts and use rectangular featured images for everything else.

      I’m not seeing any option besides %IMG% for inserting an image into a post in the settings.

      Could we manually insert the URL of an image into the formatting and prevent the post from showing %IMG% in the IG posting somehow?

      Jam and Candy

        I am curious about this as well.

        For Twitter, I post the exact same image every post (don’t ask), and a feature image that changes daily and posts to FB.

        For FB, image selection is set to “auto”.

        For Twitter, I created a container set to “display: none” with the image in it. SNAP detects the image anyway. In Twitter options, instead of “auto”, I select the alternate image. As long as I duplicate the post before it gets published, the image remains selected for the Twitter setting.

        Now, I have just started posting to Instragram and want to create a differently-sized version of the feature image.

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            I think perhaps I did not phrase the original question correctly, although the second poster is (I believe) thinking the same way I am.

            I do not want to use the image that I’m trying to post to Instagram in the actual post – I want to SUBSTITUTE it for the featured image, since it’s the same image in a different format/sizing and would look very strange if it were just stuck in the post.

            Jam and Candy

              Me, too. I don’t want it in the post either.

              Mmaloney, you can set a division that holds the image with a css class to ‚Äúdisplay: none.” Even though you are including the image in the post, it won’t appear when published, but SNAP will detect the image.

              You then have to manually choose the image, as in the Nextscripts example link.

              I want to the Instagram part of SNAP to detect it and substitute it for the feature image without manually having to select it every time I create a post. The post is the same every day with different images (it’s a daily scrambled word puzzle).

            Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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