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      Hi there,

      I’d need some help on my WordPress LinkedIn API, which does not post to my LinkedIn Company page.

      While submitting a test post to LinkedIn, I get the two-way authorization pop-up with this embedded message:

      [postID] =>
      [isPosted] => 0
      [pDate] => 2015-03-15 08:57:14
      [Error] => |Auth Error –
      LinkedIn asked you to enter verification code

      … and a verification code send to my mobile.

      After entering the 6 digit verfication code I get this pop-up message:
      “The verification code you entered has expired. We have sent you a new one.” … and I am stuck, becuase LinkedIn is not sending a new one. Then I re-post and the same loop begins.

      I have configured the LinkedIn application as described in the Setup/Install guide and I use
      Wordpress version:3.8.2 and Plugin version: 3.4.15 (API Version: 2.15.69)

      Would you have a clue why LinkedIn is not accepting the verfication code they have send???
      Doesn’t it work because of LinkedIn’s API changes from February 12, 2015 ???

      Appreciated your help.



        Same issue here. Any help?


          1. Go to the linkedin configuration and click “Test” button.

          2. Plugin will ask you for a code. “Do not close that window!”. Check your email, get the code, enter it.

          3. it will work fine after that.

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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