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      When I use NextScripts Premium API with Facebook I receive this error:

      -=ERROR=- |Location Block. Please open facebook in your browser and confirm the login location

      and I must reset the passwrod every little time because facebook warns me that it has been accessed from germany


      I’m having the same issue.
      It appears the the SNAP server is in Michigan(??) and FB is closing the session when I’m logged in from my home in Florida.
      FB then “locked” my account.
      I finally got it back on…but this seems VERY dangerous.
      I’m running MANY sites using SNAP (with many licenses), and they are all starting to see the same behavior.

      Is this fixable, or is SNAP dead now???


        This is answered in the FAQ: https://www.nextscripts.com/faq/#privacy-security

        I got email from Google (LinkedIn, Facebook) saying “Your account was accessed from some remote location”, was that you?

        All our scripts are installed on your server and your server makes posts to your networks directly. When you make a post your server logins to your account on your behalf and makes a post. The location in the email that your account was accessed from is a location of your server.

        Please confirm that it was you. It might take several times and then Facebook will stop asking.

        Alternatively you can try to configure using session, not username/password or vise versa.

      Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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