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      I posted an article this morning and found out that the title and link were missing for Linkedin group posts.

      My settings:
      – Message Format: %EXCERPT%
      – Title Format (Groups Only): %TITLE%
      – Image(s) to use: auto
      – URL to use: auto

      With the same settings, previous posts did have the title and link displayed.

      Is this a bug?


        Is this about LinkedIn API or NextScripts API?


          I use the LinkedIn Native API.

          Now I read “Can be used for posting to your profile only.” But I have used it for groups already a few months without any problem.


            Hi, where can we configure the “Title Format (Groups Only):” for LinkedIn? It seems that the “New Post -” text is there by default which we don’t want and we really do not want to alter the NextScript script just for this purpose.

            Config is not in this page -> https://………..mysiteaddress………options-general.php?page=NextScripts_SNAP.php

            sample screenshot:

            pls help. tnx

          Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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