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    I can safely say that I have read all FAQ and searched the forum for a solution. I think i have tried every setting and suggestion found on previous post but still can’t get images posted on my blog to show in FB. A link is there saying that a post has been made but no image. I have “Image Post -big image with text message’ clicked.
    My log history don’t indicate a problem:
    Y:[2014-08-07 17:02:18] – [Posted] [Facebook – makemeamene] – OK – Message Posted | PostID: 5006 – today |im | Post Link
    [2014-08-07 17:02:18] – [Start =- ]- ——=========#### NEW AUTO-POST REQUEST PostID:(5006) Immediate ####=========——
    [2014-08-07 17:02:18] – [*** ID: 5006, Type: post]- Status Changed: new_to_publish. Autopost requested.

    I anyone willing to look at my settings?


    Sorry mate, don’t know what you mean by ‘You can use BBCodes for format your content.”

    I have seen this suggested before but never saw it explained. Would you please elaborate on this.


    I will post this problem one more time and try to make it a little more clear.

    A link will post on my FB page but no image.

    Here are my settings:

    My Post Type Settings:
    Image Post
    upload Images to: App Album
    Link attachment type: Attach your blogpost
    If post has video…
    Let Facebook fill the link…

    Publish Immediately not using WP Cron

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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