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    Strangely till few weeks i have no more image when the plugin post my article on Twitter.
    Option are on “auto”, if switch to the manual config and choose a specific image and then repost, it also have no image.
    Some ideas to fix that ?


      Are you getting any errors?
      Please check your Log/History page and let me know what do you have there.


      Yes, there are an error

      | WHERE (flt = “snap” OR (flt = “cron” AND (type = “E” OR type=”W”))) |
      [2019-02-20 09:58:46] [User ID:2] – [Posted] [Twitter – cyborgjeff] – OK – Message Posted n4n0b34t, mon petit cadeau pour noël | Post Link
      [2019-02-20 09:58:46] [User ID:2] – [Error] [cyborgjeff] – Could not get image (’écran-2018-12-30-à-09.07.50.png), will post without it Array ( [headers] => Array ( [cache-control] => no-cache [connection] => close [content-type] => text/html ) [body] =>

      Don’t have that error message with older version, but may does it due to the “Capture-d’écran-2018-12-30-à-09.07.50.png” name including ‘ and é ?
      I’ll test with another test !


      Hey, bugs seems to come from the name of the image using “d’écran”… So it’s fixed with a basic image name.


        I am also having issues with images on Twitter. It was working fine but now they no longer show up. I made sure that all boxes are checked so that shouldn’t be the issue. I did notice that for some reason, my URL on twitter is different. It is using rather than my actual website. My guess is that is why but I have no idea why the auto poster started using this tool to shorten my link. Any ideas why that is and how I can change that?


          There could be 3 things:

          1. Plugin settings -> URL Shortener -> Uncheck “Force Short link”
          2. Account settings -> Advanced Tab -> Uncheck “Shorten URL”
          3. Use %URL% instead of %SURL% int he message format.

        Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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