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      Hi, few days the plugin not showing wordpress featured image on Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr. Was working fine, but after I updated the plugin is not picking up the image in focus, grabs the first image in the post


        Plugin takes featured image from the post. if there is no featured image it will take the first image from the post body. if your post body has no images it will take the specified default image. if default image is not specified it will take first image from the page.

        Please set featured image to clearly define what image you would like to show or specify Plugin Settings->Other Settings->”Open Graph” Tags->Default Image URL for og:image tag for the default image.

        Image must be set at the time you hit the “Publish” button. Some third party plugins that make posts sometimes publish post without featured image and then add it later. If this is your case, you can try to delay the autoposting for several minutes.

        Some networks (like Google+ and Stumbleupon) could ignore the image you send and take the image specified in the og:image tag, so please make sure this tag is set as well.


          Same problem. Feature image is set but not showing up on posts to facebook. I posted an image directly in the text and that is not pulled.


            I’m having the same issue with Blogger. I have the most recent release and I can’t get it to auto post the featured images.


              The answer is in the FAQ – #1.5:

              Support FAQ

              rakesh jian

                same problem with facebook, i use all ways but not work.


                  i have the same problem after update does not publish picture on facebook

                  priyabrata sen

                    same problem image not shown while publish in facebook, kindly solve the issue otherwise i will gonna uninstall it. thanks

                    Nick Coulter

                      I have a similar problem, but now it will either not post an image at all to FB or will post another image from the website gallery at random and not the feature image from the Blog or image from the article. It is working fine within the website. I HOPE this can be resolved soon as we have had this problem for . few weeks without being able to solve it. Please help.
                      This is difficult as we promote services of practitioners and the images are from other people.


                      For those that are having a problem with FB, google how to clear your DEV APP Image Cache. This is a FB issue. Once cleared, your images will work again.


                        I have pretty same issue
                        I have featured image for all products but seems that it takes the first image in my description
                        not only to FB
                        I’m getting the exact same issue with FB-IG-google+ and Twitter
                        Reddit seems to be OK for now

                        I read on that and all seetings seems to be set correctly and I tried some config but.. nothing



                          Same issue… plugin continue to use image into wordpress post content and not featured image of post. For all networks.


                            Same problem. Feature image is set but not showing up on posts to facebook. Has anybody already solved this problem?

                            Read here IEEE format example guidelines


                              Today I have been fed to solve this problem. Most likely, it depends on the tariff plan of the account.

                              Read here IEEE format example guidelines


                                same problem with LinkedIn

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