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      A couple of days ago FB started rolling out MAJOR changes to the way pages are handled. I made a video about it and put it on my FB page, but why it matters here isn’t quite covered there.

      In a nutshell: when you convert your page to the new format, it won’t appear in your list of pages that the API pulls down anymore. This is the case for the SNAP API; I haven’t tried it with the old FB API plugin, as I decommissioned that whole thing when I upgraded SNAP.

      Right now if I use the “copy your session ID” method to set up SNAP, the one page I converted to the new system no longer appears; only the old pages do.

      Since I don’t have visibility to see what I’d need to and don’t want to risk my account, I haven’t poked the bear any further, but I think this is going to end up being the same resolution as I mentioned in an open support ticket a couple of weeks ago: SNAP is going to have to find a way to integrate FB’s 2fa integration flow for authorization. They’re pushing ALL page owners to this a bit at a time, and without being able to answer the 2FA prompt while setting up SNAP, it’s going to keep failing. The session-ID trick won’t work anymore; if I use the ID from my main account I get the other pages, if I go through the hassle of logging in a blind window and switching to my page account, then the session ID only shows that page. (It may show more, once more of my pages have been converted to the new system).

      Devs may feel free to reach out to me for links to the video or any additional insight I might be able to provide, since I have the new system implemented on one page. Unfortunately, it *completely* breaks SNAP for FB, and I literally just upgraded after 7 years of using the old one-time fee license, which is pretty frustrating but not NextScripts’ fault. Just bad timing.

      If you’re on the new system already and only run the one page, try doing the session ID trick outlined in documentation here, but before you grab your session ID, make sure you login and *switch to your page identity first*. That should do the trick. Unfortunately if you have multiple pages, that will hose the process for all the pages that *aren’t* yet on the new system.


        Indeed these changes by Facebook to FB Page management have wreaked havoc on the SNAP Premium FB API. I have tried the SNAP instructions using both my profiles alternatively to extract a FB User ID (c-user) and Session ID (xs) for updating my SNAP Account for FB Page. In SNAP Account maintenance screen, it will authorize and refresh the list of “Where To Post”, but the only option is “Profile”. This is the same result whether I use my profile or the Page profile.

        To make matters worse, with the new FB Page Management, I can no longer find my Page ID, so that I can manually add it. Yes, I have followed the SNAP help article on how to find the Page ID. IT IS NOT THERE on FB anymore with the new page management.

        SNAP please fix this!!!

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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