Pinterest API broken ?

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      Hi All,

      I was using the Pinterest API in a PHP script and it was working very well till last week. Now I got an error rmessage “Incorrect username / password” when I try to connect.

      I tried to update postToPinterest.php file API with last version : 2.2.14 (Oct 09, 2012), but no change.

      Note that I didn’t changed anything to my piece of code, I always connected with my email and password using the code below and it was working fine.

      echo ” . Sending update to Pinterest…\n”;
      require “postToPinterest.php”;

      $email = ’’;
      $pass = ‘xxxxxx’;
      $msg = $content;
      $imgURL = $thumbnail;
      $link = $permalink;
      $boardID = ‘my_board_id’;

      $loginError = doConnectToPinterest($email, $pass);
      if (!$loginError)
      echo ” – Msg = $msg\n”;
      echo ” – imgURL = $imgURL\n”;
      echo ” – link = $link\n”;
      echo ” – boardID = $boardID\n”;
      doPostToPinterest($msg, $imgURL, $link, $boardID);
      } else echo $loginError;

      Any idea ?


        Same here. I thought at first I had hit a rate limit, but after testing from several IP addresses and using different accounts, it seems to be broke across the board.


          Still no answer to my support ticket I put in several days ago, so I guess this product will remain broke with no fix.


            I don’t think the product is broken. I purchased the API (ver 2.2.14) couple days ago and it works perfectly.

            Try to open postToPinterest.php, find the function doConnectToPinterest and find the row saying

            //## ACTUAL LOGIN

            uncomment the following on the next row.

            echo $fldsTxt; prr($contents); die();

            Try your script.

            This will give you more info about your error.



              Thank you for your answer.
              Here is the error message I got. Am I the only one have this one ?

              Forbidden (403)
              CSRF verification failed. Request aborted.

              You are seeing this message because this HTTPS site requires a ‘Referer
              header’ to be sent by your Web browser, but none was sent. This header is
              required for security reasons, to ensure that your browser is not being
              hijacked by third parties.

              If you have configured your browser to disable ‘Referer’ headers, please
              re-enable them, at least for this site, or for HTTPS connections, or for
              ‘same-origin’ requests.

              Thank you for your help,


                Tried this too and seeing the same error message as above.


                  Are you sure you are using ver 2.2.14? Because the only difference between 2.2.14 and the previous version was the fix for that problem.

                  Also make sure you are loggin in with your email, not your username.
                  See here:


                    Has there been any resolution to this? I’m consistently seeing Incorrect Username/Password and I’m confident my UID/Pass is correct.


                      Pinterest API is working fine. Please contact support directly, we will take a look at your site


                        Hi !
                        Looking at the code of postToPinterest.php, it seems the “UserNav” string is not found in the loaded page, so the following test fails and returns “Incorrect Username/Password”.

                        if (stripos($contents, ‘UserNav’)!==false){ //echo “You are IN”;

                        Having consulted the content of the returned page with the following code, I confirm I am correctly logged in.
                        echo $fldsTxt; prr($contents); die();

                        So where is the problem ??

                        Best regards,


                          What version of the Pinterest API do you have?

                          ‘UserNav’ was used for the old pinterest interface. It won’t work if you have switched to the new one.

                          Please download the latest version of the API.



                            I converted my pinterest page to a business one and the pinterest posting script seemed to immediately stop (noticed hours or days later, not sure).
                            I fixed the script (issue related to ‘UserNav’) but a few days later – which is today – the script stops working again. is it the new look that is to blame?

                            it seems to be 502 error. using latest version 2.6.0 (Mar 12, 2013)
                            I have checked and am logged in.


                              2.6.0 works fine with old look, new look, personal accounts and business accounts. Please contact us directly if you would like us to take a look at your environment.

                              Peter OUdenes


                                Using the plugin SNAP in my wordpress website to push my blogs to several social media sites.
                                Only pinterest is not working. My Username/Password are correct, it can connect because i can receive the board list. But it will not send a test message i get error: Pinterest Returned Error 502

                                Can somebody support me?


                                  Go to the and open support ticket.

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