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      Our website relies heavily on social media sharing for traffic and we use a large number of accounts (50+) for sharing.

      When a post is scheduled to go out, what seems to happen is the plug-in starts posting on social media accounts in an alphabetical order (so we never have issues with Facebook and Flipboard accounts: 2+ 25) but then it simply “cuts off” the rest of the accounts (that includes G+, LinekdIn, and, most importantly, Twitter, which comes last).

      I have already modified php.ini to allow more memory and have adjusted timeout settings, but nothing seem to help. The plug-in performs better, but the “limit” seems to still exist.

      I will really appreciate any help at this point.

      Many thanks in advance.


        Didn’t mean to be pestering you with this, but it has been there dats and no response. My client is on my back and I have tried everything: setting up real cron job (whet, then curl, then easycron). Modifying php settings, switching off plugins, etc. this is a PRO version.

        Additionally, what I have noticed is that the auto poster runs for 60 secs despite me increasing the limit in WHM and increasing memory.

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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