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    Justin F

      I am using ACF WordPress plugin and have the field for the image I would like to post to Twitter as img src=”[acf field=’mugshot’]” in the body of the post.

      I am getting this error in the logs when SNAP attempts to post to Twitter:

      [2014-07-04 11:00:21] – [Error] [Twitter – Twitter] – Could not get image (, will post without it – Error:

      Could I please get some help as to what settings I need to change to get the image to post with with the tweet?


        Message Formatting Tags

        %CF-CustomFieldName% – Inserts the contents of the custom field with the specified name. (example: if your price is stored in the custom field “PRDPRICE” you will need to use %CF-PRDPRICE% tag)



          We are using custom post type (Events v2 from templatic) and i tried to insert %CF-prizorisce%, whichis custom field, but it’s not showing.

          Are custom post types different?


            Hi, we had this working before with Custom Fields and it has recently stopped working.

            Have anything changed on your side that %CF-CustomFieldName% would not work anymore?

            This happened before when you started using %CF- nomenclature. Is there a way we can be notified of breaking changes like this?


          Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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