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      Why is there no backlink included in the post..?

      How do we insert backlinks as it’s a must for me.


        Hello can you answer please.


          Which account type are you referring to?
          need to be a little more specific



            Account type?.

            Facebook if that is what you are refering to.

            Clicking on Show settings you have 3 options for autoposts.

            I use image post. However for some unknown reason there is no backlink inserted in the picture which is a pain for me.

            If you use Text post with attached blogpost there is but that option is no good for me.


              I have not used Facebook post in a long time and they are very finicky.
              Have you tried “Shared Link”?
              You may have to play around and alternatively add %URL% to the “Format post” box.


                “Image” post type by definition has no backlink. Image is either not clickable or just linked toc a bigger image.

                Please either use “Shared link” post type or simply include %URL% to the message format.

                More info:

              Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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