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    Michael Greis

      I’m trying to use SNAP to post to several social media. I was able to set up Facebook with no problem, but LinkedIn will not work. The setup requires me to enter the path to a logo using https: (which the documentation doesn’t indicate is the case). That doesn’t work.

      Following the recommended troubleshooting at

      How to check if curlSSL is working properly

      The response I get:

      ….HTTP to Google – OK
      ….HTTPS to Google – OK
      ….HTTPS to Facebook – OK
      ….HTTPS to LinkedIn – Problem


      BBCode you used is not allowed.

      [content_type] => text/html; charset=utf-8
      [http_code] => 200
      [header_size] => 1222
      [request_size] => 139
      [filetime] => -1
      [ssl_verify_result] => 0
      [redirect_count] => 0
      [total_time] => 0.28173
      [namelookup_time] => 0.002235
      [connect_time] => 0.023339
      [pretransfer_time] => 0.08567
      [size_upload] => 0
      [size_download] => 40691
      [speed_download] => 144432
      [speed_upload] => 0
      [download_content_length] => -1
      [upload_content_length] => -1
      [starttransfer_time] => 0.143021
      [redirect_time] => 0
      [certinfo] => Array

      [primary_ip] =>
      [primary_port] => 443
      [local_ip] =>
      [local_port] => 36420
      [redirect_url] =>
      <script>(Script removed)</script>

      There is a problem with cURL. You need to contact your server admin or hosting provider.

      The same messages appear for Twitter, Pinterest and Tumblr.

      I don’t know what to do with this message. The site(s) I’m trying to set this up for are on a virtual private server running CentOS 6 with cPanel and WHM. I have pretty much all the control I need, but I haven’t a clue what to do. I see the notice that this is about client side SSL, not server SSL certificates, so I can’t tell if I should be installing and SSL certificate for the domain in question.

      Any help would be much appreciated!


        What problem are you getting exactly? How is this message related to the logo?

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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