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    Richard Povall

      If you’re a user of the DIVI theme (as I am) the most recent update of the SNAP plug-in seems to have broken it. The SNAP plugin causes a problem with the Media library when attempting to insert an image into a new post by praying out all the images. Deactivating the plugin solves the problem.

      If you’re a DIVI user you may have discovered this already!

      I sure hope this problem can be fixed before I have to switch to a different plugin.


        It has nothing to do with DIVI. We love DIVI theme and use on some of our own sites. It works fine with SNAP

        The most common reason for this is the amount of memory allowed for PHP on your server. Please check and make sure it’s not 32M or less. You need at least 64M, but if you have other plugins 128M or even 256M is recommended.

        Another possible problem is broken curl/sslcurl, please check CurlSSL from Help/Support tab.


          I’m having the same issue, I have Divi builder plugin installed V2.7 but using in conjunction with Genesis theme.

          I have increased memory limit to 256M as suggested but the problem persists, deactivating either plugin fixes the issue, there does appear to seem some conflict between the two.

          Any other suggestions?


            Having the same problem on several sites. Everything was fine until the last update.


              same here with EXTRA on 4 pages.
              The one with DIVI works on my Server fine.


                Iposted a confirmation of the problem elsewhere, but yes; My site also uses Divi and we have precisely this problem. Help.


                  Please upgrade to the version 3.5.4. This problem has been fixed there.

                Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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