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    I noticed that Facebook posts using this plugin have my personal Facebook account linked. I assume this is because I set it up using my account. But I’d rather have my client’s Facebook account linked in the posts.

    So I tried SNAP|AutoPoster/Settings and noticed you have an “Open Graph” Tags section.

    One field says, “Default Image URL for og:image tag:”
    And another says “Author’s Facebook URL”

    So I assumed changing the “Author’s Facebook URL” would fix my issue. But, it does not. In fact, anything I enter in “Author’s Facebook URL” will appear there and appear to be saved when I save settings but if I leave that page and then come back the value I entered for ” Author’s Facebook URL” now appears in “Default Image URL for og:image tag:”! ???

    So, two questions…

    1) is it possible to have my client’s Facebook paghe linked instead of mine even though I set up the plugin using my FB account?

    2) why does the value I enter into “Author’s Facebook URL” jump to another field?

    Thanks in advance for your help.


    So, I got a partial answer on my support ticket basically saying for the premium plugin whoever’s session info you use is what will show up as attribute of who posted. I would prefer to be able to change this to my client’s FB but I guess I’ll need to work around this.

    But what about my second question?

    In the “Open Graph” Tags section you have a field named “Author’s Facebook URL”

    What is that field for?

    Why does any value I enter into that field jump to the field above it after saving?

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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