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    Jean ValJean


      I have already 5 opened support tickets in my account, maybe someone here knows a solution for this, i don’t want to get tackled in the code.

      The story starts with my getting aprox 40 pinterest accounts banned all at once. That happened because i have several 2 wp instances, created the accounts with proxy servers on one, exported and imported on the other one. To my surprise in Pinterest session logs the ip’s were the ones of the linux servers and not the proxies that i have put.

      After i saw this i have created a ticket and i will paste what i wrote in the actual ticket

      2018-12-30 03:37:36 (1 months ago)

      I have noticed this on most of the accounts but finally decided to write now as some of my accounts have been suspended.

      To be more specific: on ALL of my account i have bought dedicated proxy servers (with username & pass) to use – 2 users per proxy server. So first using a proxy I create the email, then the pinterest account. After doing this i have tried two differents ways to setup the account:

      1. Go to SNAP -> accounts -> Add new account, put wrong password, go to the advanced tab to put the proxy then correct the password (so that it does not login without a proxy)
      2. Go to SNAP -> accounts -> duplicate an account that already has proxy and change settings.

      In both the situations i have recevied email from Pinterest that my account has connected from “Germany” which is the IP of the server which means that atleast when adding the account SNAP does not use proxies.

      The reply from support was: This is answered in the FAQ: , very helpfull right?

      Today i have tried another option

      1. duplicate existing account
      2. change account nickname
      3. change username to something silly
      4. change proxy
      5. update account
      6. go back to accounts tab, put actual account
      7. pressed get boards button
      8. logged in to Pinterest
      9. Result -> i have login from the server ip, it just disregards the proxy

      So this is a problem that is atleast 1 month old, that was submitted to support, i have received a stupid answer, i have created a new tichet saying that my old tickets were not responding, i am starting to think this was a bad choice for me when chosing this plugin.

      If anyone has an idea, please let me know.


      Jean ValJean

        Forgot to attach screenshots – the first one is from pinterest session where you can see that i have logged in from chrome using proxy and the ip adress is from US, the second one is the login from server which is from Germany although i have put the proxy server and the last one was me logiing in again to pinterest to see from what ip SNAP connect.



        Need to say that the disconfort is very big on this as all the logins are from the same ip when first adding the accounts, when SNAP posts to the social network proxy is used, it just seems that the method that should be called when getting boards/adding accounts does not use proxies.

        Jean ValJean


          I have fixed this out on my own, i will give the code here, i am not responsible if something else will be broken so do not use it in production:

          In file: wp-content/plugins/social-networks-auto-poster-facebook-twitter-g/inc-cl/pn.php line ~145 method getListOfPNBoards does not set proxy.

          You can add it after $nt = new nxsAPI_PN();

          if (isset($networks[‘pn’][ $ii ]) && !empty($networks[‘pn’][ $ii ])) {
          $accountOptions = $networks[‘pn’][ $ii ];
          if ( ! empty( $accountOptions[‘proxy’] ) && ! empty( $accountOptions[‘proxyOn’] ) ) {
          $nt->proxy[‘proxy’] = $accountOptions[‘proxy’][‘proxy’];
          if ( ! empty( $accountOptions[‘proxy’][‘up’] ) ) {
          $nt->proxy[‘up’] = $accountOptions[‘proxy’][‘up’];

          Jean ValJean

            The fix above works, but when exporting and importing to another WP the accounts the server ip is used and not the proxy ip.


            can you please give fix for reddit too? for reddit the proxy also not working

            the seller doesnt give answer, this is really bad service


              Will be fixed in the next release.


              when is the next update? i asked for this months ago, see my topics in forum, you didnt answe/fix this. this plugin is useless now as the proxy is not working and all social media’s are banning. i was really today going remove your plugin and go to another companys plugin as their proxy working.

              please fix this problem today, its not something i asked today, but months ago. i wont recommond anyone using this plugin till this proxy problem get fixed, all my accounts got banned


                Next release will be next week. We can’t do release on Saturday.


                ok then i will wait moving to another plugin/company, i am waiting u to fix this bug. also see my another topic


                its friday in 2 hours, where is the fixed new version?


                  It will be released tomorrow, Friday, August 23, 2019.


                    I understand your frustration with the proxy server issue you’re facing. It’s essential to get this sorted out to avoid any further account suspensions. While I can’t provide a direct solution here, I can offer some suggestions.
                    1.Check Proxy Configuration: Ensure that you’ve configured the proxy settings correctly within your SNAP accounts. Double-check that the proxies you’re using are functioning as expected.
                    2. SNAP Support: Since you’ve already raised support tickets, it’s best to continue working with their support team. They should be able to investigate and provide a solution tailored to your specific setup.
                    3. Consider the Best Proxy Service: If you’re still experiencing problems, it might be worth exploring alternative proxy services that are known for reliability and support.

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