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    I am concerned about the requirement to stay logged into my Facebook account in order to use the auto posting to Facebook. Below are my questions/concerns,

    1) do I need a separate login/session for each use of the autoposter? in my other open support ticket I ask this in greater detail.

    2) how many logins/sessions does Facebook allow? Are you certain this will not become a problem? What happens when I get many sites set up and have a bunch of Facebook logins/sessions?

    3) if I must have separate logins/sessions it seems like it will quickly become impossible to keep track of them and post from each session. Will Facebook close a session after a period of time if I never post from that session?

    4) What happens if Facebook puts me on a temporary ban? It happens to people all the time and you never know why. Will the logged in sessions still be maintained? Will Facebook allow my account to continue posting even if I am offline due to a temporary ban?

    Generally speaking this seems like there is much potential for this to stop working and give no notice or warning. And, if I need a new session for each auto poster it rapidly becomes impractical. But maybe I am misunderstanding…I hope so! 🙂 Thanks for your help!


      1. It’s not clear what are you asking. You need one session for each FB account. You can use the same session on all websites.

      2. It’s not a problem by itself. You can have as many session as you like. Just don’t compromise them by spamming or doing other not allowed stuff.

      3. Facebook session lifetime is 3 months. Each post extends it for 3 months from the date of post. So If you make at least one post every 3 months session will stay active, otherwise it will expire.

      4. If Facebook bans you all your sessions sill be suspended as well. SNAP is not a secret workaround for Facebook bans, If you account is suspended it’s suspended everywhere.


      Let me restate to see if you understand…

      I have a single Facebook account.

      I am admin for several Facebook pages.

      Each of those Facebook pages also has a website.

      I want to use Nextscripts on each website to autopost to their associated FB page.

      Do I need a single session from my FB account that I use on every installation of SNAP? Or, as your instructions suggest, do I need a unique session from my FB account for each installation of SNAP?

    Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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