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      I have not been able to get reposter to work, it looks like it ‘should’ work, but not posting, and nothing in the logs.

      Any ideas or suggestions?


        The timer is 4 minutes just for testing, but still nothing posted and nothing in logs.


        Same proble here, i just cant make the reposter work. I have to say that it was working fine, but i had to change my webhost service and anda add ssl to my site, since then reposter (and autopost) dont work, ┬┐any idea?.

        Best Regards,


        Did you fellows every get Reposter working properly for you, or is it still not working for you? What about the Autoposter? Does that work for you? I would make sure that Autoposter is working properly first, because Reposter depends on the same account information. In case it is of any help to you, Reposter is working partially or fully for me for the following social networks:

        Flickr = working
        Instagram = working
        LinkedIn = working
        Pinterest = working
        Tumblr = partially working
        Twitter = no image being posted


          Same problem here. Thinking of now trying a different plugin with better support. This plugin now has to be one of the worst you can buy.


          I wanted to add an important point here regarding something I recently figured out concerning Reposter. While some of you mention that Reposter is not working for you, you do not mention which networks you are specifically trying to use it with.

          The reason why I am mentioning this, is because while Reposter may appear to not be working, as I discovered myself, it may in fact be working, but the network where you are trying to repost is actually blocking the post, giving the impression that Reposter is not working.

          More specifically, what I have proven to myself beyond a shadow of a doubt is that some social networks — in particular, Tumblr and Twitter — will prevent you from posting the same image over and over again.

          For example, in the case of Tumblr, if Reposter attempts to repost a blog post which contains an image I have posted to Tumblr before, the post will be posted to my Tumblr dashboard, but it will NOT be posted to the public URL for my Tumblr blog. I have clearly confirmed this point.

          On the other hand, if I make a new blog post on my WP blog which contains a brand new image which I have never posted to Tumblr before, in both cases, whether I use Autoposter or Reposter, the post will be posted to the public URL for my Tumblr blog.

          With Twitter, it is a little different. If I make a post on my WP blog, if it contains an image I have posted before on Twitter, regardless of whether I use Autoposter or Reposter, Twitter will post the text portion of my blog post, but not the image itself.

          In short, both social networks have in place a mechanism — probably part of their algorithm or filters — which prevent the double-posting of images.

          To reiterate, the problem is not with Reposter in these scenarios. The problem is that the social networks are blocking the images. If you want to check out my expanded comments regarding this issue, please visit the following URL:

          Social Networks vs. the People

        Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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