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    Stavros Z

      Hello I’m encountering issues with re-posting function especially on Facebook.
      Several posts are published multiple times (more than twice). THe same happens on Twitter but there I see duplicates and not on a regular basis like on Facebook. I’m wondering if WP-cron is the cause of this hiccup because I’m not getting duplicates from the auto post function.
      Additionally, Message text Format settings on Facebook are lost after re-post happens and instead of the template I setup, I see the template used for older posts. Several other settings are not permanently saved and some checkboxes are turning unchecked after a repost occurrence.
      I’m obliged to go over the settings page again and again and try to recover what was lost from the last time I updated the settings page.
      Am I the only one here met with such issues?


        You are not alone. I am looking for support with Report as well. When I enable Repost, the same article is posted over and over.

        Looking forward to a reply.

        Jimmy Harmon

          I’m having the same issue.

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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