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      I am using the free version on an ecommerce site and have a question on the process of reposting a product when making a change to the product. I am using WooCommerce as my shopping cart which has the product listing act as a special type of blog post. When I make a product change i currently have to click each network one at a time to have the change posted to the network. Is there a setting that I am missing for auto posting? BTW – new blog posts and products do post automatically.

      An additional question is my images are always posting to Facebook, not getting any error message, just a gray blob of an image. Am I missing something on this a well.

      Thank you.

      ALEX G.

        Please see FAQ 1.5 about the wrong image

        Support FAQ


          There are “Publish” buttons on the product page that you can use.


            In that FAQ it has this paragraph – Please set featured image to clearly define what image you would like to show or specify Plugin Settings->Other Settings->”Open Graph” Tags->Default Image URL for og:image tag for the default image.

            Is the default image url the path in WordPress to where all my images are located?


          Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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