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    Chris Malme

      I have recently been trying out SNAP for autoposting from my WordPress site (self-hosted) to LiveJournal or Dreamwidth. I’ve had no problem setting it up to either LJ or DW, and can post to either. What I haven’t managed is to get back any comments made to LJ or DW. I have made various test comments, but nothing comes through.

      Looking at the Log/History, I can see logs of the posts going out to LJ/DW, but can’t see any kind of call for the comments.

      I’ve got a fair amount of experience of LJ cross-posting with the old LiveJournal Crossposter and LJ Comments Importer. but am setting up a new site, and thought I would look at SNAP as it appears to be more comprehensive, and is still actively supported. The tests are being made on a new install of WordPress, so there is no danger of the old plugin interferring.

      If I can get SNAP’s comment import to work, I am planning to go for the PRO version, as I want to be able to link to both LJ and DW. But for now, I’d just like to see it working on one.

      So is there anything I can check to see why comments aren’t flying? Any suggestions?

      I already host my own WordPress site, linked to


        Current version back imports comments only from Facebook and Twitter.

        Support for Google+, Blogger, LJ/DW and Tumblr will be added to one of the future versions.

        Chris Malme

          Ah! That explains it!

          OK, I will use my existing method for now, in that case, as comment integration is fairly key for me; but keep an eye in here for future development.

          Thanks for the quick reply – it really helped.


        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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