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      I am wordpress multiuser and I was living problem with scheduling. I realized to problem.

      I have first installed 2.7.21 to my system. Then seen version 3.0. And reinstalled the 2.7.21 and installed 3.0. Scheduling stopped working. I go back to 2.7.21. But scheduling still wasn’t working.

      There is section in this site to remove comletely snap. Without deleting the tables, nothing becomes working.

      I read that and then deleted the tables and made a complete removal. And setup 2.7.21 again and eveything is working fine now.


        Please don’t use 2.7.21 it has a bug breaking the meta saving. Please use 2.7.22.

        As for your situation, then it is totally possible that one of 3.0 betas messed up your 2.7 settings, so you had to remove them in order to fix the issue.

        That is exactly why we are saying everywhere: – V3.0 is a beta version. It could have bugs and problems. Please do not use on important/live/production websites.


          The only is problem I live is schedule time.I am usinig 2.72 now.

          I have setup cron from cpanel like you said.

          I am setting up scheduling for each account 10 minutes,20 minutes,30 minutes but the system posts them all in same time.There are only 2-3 minutes between them. What can be the solition for this?

          Thank you.

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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